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10 Best Front Yard Landscaping Tips to Add Instant Curb Appeal

6 de august de 2023

Southerners are all about making a good first impression, and of course, so is the real estate industry. Whether doing a drive-by or scrolling through Zillow listings, the first thing any potential buyer will notice about your home is the curb appeal. It sets the standard for what they can expect from the rest of the property and might be the only chance you have to catch their attention. Good landscaping can actually increase your home’s value, so it’s not something you want to ignore if you ever plan to sell. Read on for 10 landscaping tips that will improve your curb appeal.

Maintain What You Have

Start off by doing an audit of your current property. Do you need to pull some weeds from the garden? Is your lawn overgrown? What about your patio—does it need to be power washed, or are there any cracks? By taking care of what’s already there, you can assess what your next steps are and still show in the meantime that you care about the home.

Work with a Professional Landscaper

Image: landscape plan drawing.

Chances are if landscaping is already within your skillset, you don’t need to be reading this. Hiring a pro to help you out is important because they have a thorough understanding of how much work is expected for your area, the plants and trees that thrive there, and what you’ll get the best ROI on.

Consider Privacy

Pink Crepe Myrtles and a Picket Fence

Is your house located on a main road or do you have a tiny backyard next to your neighbor’s doghouse? The more exposed your home is to these kinds of elements, the less appealing your property might seem. While you by no means should set up a barricade (after all, people can’t judge what they can’t see), it’s smart to consider things like tall hedges or a picket fence to create a charming divide between your house and the rest of the world.

Start Planting

Purple Leafed Plum Branch with Light Pink Flowers

You may love roses and be willing to put in the work to maintain them, but a potential buyer with a brown thumb could look at them as a red flag. (Even if you plan to take the bushes with you, they still must fill in the space.) Instead, opt for low-maintenance plants and trees that make sense for your climate and outdoor area.

Go for Hardscaping

These St. Simons Island Homeowners Focused on Their Front Yard for the Best Reason

A defined front pathway creates a «Come on in, y’all!» welcome at first sight. Other high-priority elements to consider include a deck or patio and a trending outdoor kitchen. After all, your yard isn’t just for display purposes, it’s meant to be genuinely used and enjoyed.

Showcase your House Number in a Unique Way

house numbers

The key to a stunning landscape is paying attention to the little details. One way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to find an exciting way to display your home’s number. We suggest showcasing your home’s number to reflect its style. Does your home have a mid-century modern flare? Get your house number engraved in a mid-century font on a metal plate. If you have a charming farmhouse cottage, try hanging your house number from a classic white fence post.

Set Up an Irrigation System

Front Lawn Irrigation

An irrigation system in your front yard will keep your yard green and gorgeous, and save you a lot of time in maintenance. The key to keeping your front yard looking sharp is by keeping everything as low-maintenance as possible. An irrigation system will ensure your yard stays in tip-top shape, even when you don’t have the time to maintain it. Plus, buyers will love the system, knowing that they won’t have to do much to keep the place looking spiffy.

Create a Conversation Space

Back Porch Seating

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a seating area designed for conversation in your front yard or on your porch. Visitors will immediately feel at home in this space. Try adding a fire pit for making smores on cool fall nights. Add colorful throw pillows for vibrancy, and make sure guests have a table they can set their food and drinks.

Light Up the Night

Solar lights by a front yard pathway

Lighting up your front yard is a key detail in landscaping that often gets overlooked. Try placing solar lights along the driveway, or lanterns on either side of your entryway. Hang up string lights in a zig-zag fashion above the seating area on your porch. Lighting up your yard will ensure your house is as beautiful in the day as it is in the night.

Remember the Extras

A porch with a comfortable chair and colorful flowers

Following the above steps creates a worthy canvas for your home but doesn’t mean it’s quite a masterpiece. Painting your door the perfect color, hanging up a floral wreath, and covering your porch with potted flowers are all details that will enhance your curb appeal. The goal is to create a welcoming environment that grabs visitors» attention. Everything from the lighting to the doormat matter when creating a stunning landscape.