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Which Rubbermaid Garden Shed Is Right for You?

23 de februar de 2021

If you enjoy the outdoor life and need storage in your yard or outdoor garden, a shed is a good choice. There are many options to choose from when it comes to materials.

However, when you compare metal frames, wood frames, and pre-formed plastic or resin storage options, you are sure to come to the unavoidable conclusion that plastic (polyethylene) is the best choice. In terms of durability, affordability, and ease of assembly, a polyethylene garden shed has it all.

Of all the makes, models and brands on the market, the standout choice in garden sheds is Rubbermaid.

This established and trusted company has been in the business of creating durable, affordable, innovative rubber, plastic, and polyethylene products for over eight decades. These high-quality products make life easier and provide tremendous value backed by a manufacturer warranty, and that’s why Rubbermaid is a household name and recognized brand the world over.

In this article, we will explore several different styles of Rubbermaid storage sheds and discuss the merits of each. We will also provide some resources and support materials that will help you select and assemble your shed with ease and confidence. Read on to learn more.

Make A Lasting Purchase

When you compare polyethylene sheds with traditional sheds comprised of a wood or aluminum frame, it’s easy to see the benefits. Right at the outset, a wooden shed will cost you a lot more than a plastic or resin one. In terms of upkeep, with a wooden shed, you must paint, repair, replace boards, and eventually rebuild.

Likewise, there are several downsides to metal sheds. Metal can be dangerous to work with when building. It is subject to denting and rusting with the passage of time. If you build a metal shed with a wooden frame, you will also need to worry about termite damage and wood rot.

A plastic garden shed never needs painting. It is unlikely to need repair, and if it does, you can simply purchase replacement parts easily from Rubbermaid rather than having to source and fabricate materials yourself.

Initial assembly of a pre-fab polyethylene garden shed kit is quick and easy. In most cases, the parts just snap together. In some instances, you may need to insert some screws or bolts (provided) into pre-drilled holes. If you start from scratch with a wooden or metal shed, you will need to measure and cut all the materials yourself, purchase hardware, and do some heavy-duty drilling, welding, and so forth.

If you build a shed from the ground up using materials you purchase at your local home improvement store, you will have to build a concrete foundation. Rubbermaid pre-fab plastic garden sheds come with a sturdy, high-impact, waterproof floor frame included.

That’s A Good-Looking Shed For The Garden!

Far from being an eyesore that a potential buyer would need to deal with, a Rubbermaid storage space adds value to your home and has visual appeal, so it will not draw complaints from your neighbors.

If you build a shed of wood or metal or an inferior type of plastic or resin, you can expect it to degrade gradually with the passage of time. This creates an eyesore that can bring down your property value and make your neighbors very unhappy.

The high-quality, extra-dense polyethylene material that Rubbermaid uses will stand up to the elements and endure the test of time. Heavy-duty, double-walled polyethylene is resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking. Naturally, rust and termites are not a problem.

How To Choose A Garden Shed

Ask yourself these questions when selecting your plastic outbuilding or storage unit:

How Much Space Do I Have?

If you have a lot of outdoor space and you can afford it, you should choose the largest Rubbermaid kit for additional storage. If you select a unit that will just accommodate your needs now, you are bound to regret it in the future, and you’ll probably need to buy another shed or extension kit.

If you start out with a generous amount of storage space, you will have a lifetime shed and never regret it. In terms of cost per cubic foot, purchasing a larger unit is far more affordable.

Conversely, if you have a very limited amount of space for shed construction, you must be very specific. Be sure to use a tape measure for exact measurements and familiarize yourself with the precise square footage of the choices you have. Taking care in this way will help you avoid disappointment.

How Strong Do I Need This Shed To Be?

Think about the items you need to store. Consider their weight and select your shed model accordingly. Pay close attention to the weight bearing capacity of the units you are considering. Overloading a polyethylene shed or storage unit can result in collapse.

Although Rubbermaid garden sheds are designed for standalone construction, if you live in an area with high winds, you may want to consider placing your shed against an existing wall for greater protection and support. You may also wish to anchor it to the ground.

What Do I Need To Store?

In great part, contents determine the type of shed you’ll need. Do you need to be able to walk or drive large equipment, such as a lawn tractor into the shed? Will you need to store papers, fabrics, and other moisture-sensitive materials in cardboard boxes?

If that’s the case, then a garden shed with a screen vent is out! Do you need shelving? Do you need hooks? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when selecting a storage building.

Common sense and logic will tell you that if you want a place to park your bicycle, you should not purchase an upright shed.

Likewise, stacks of boxes in an upright shed without shelves would be a hassle to deal with because you would have to shift everything to get to your belongings. If you want to store your long garden tools, an upright shed is a perfect choice.

How Will I Use This Shed?

Think about how often you will need to access the items in your shed and how you will use them. If you need easy, everyday access to lawn equipment, choose a shed with a large door frame or double doors allowing you to enter easily. In this case, a large shed with a walk-in/drive-in door is your best choice.

Additionally, if you need to be able to do things inside your shed or access your stored items regardless of the weather, a walk-in variety is the obvious choice.

If you are storing seasonal items that you will not need to access frequently, a sliding top shed may be a good choice for you. Even though these sheds are easy to access, they are a bit fussier than the walk-in variety.

If you want to be able to walk in and access everything, you must slide the top back and open several exterior doors.

The Benefits of a Rubbermaid Slide Lid Shed

When you are looking for a horizontal shed for items such as bikes and push lawn mowers, you are sure to encounter some that have lift lids and doors that open in the front. The downfall of this type of storage unit is that a very strong wind can whip the top right off. Designers at Rubbermaid solved this problem by creating a slide-lid option.

A long, low shed with a sliding roof is a good choice for small items and boxes stacked one or two deep. This choice keeps your smaller items easily accessible. It’s also a good choice for long, low pieces of equipment such as bicycles, motorcycles, push mowers, wheelbarrows, etc.

The interior space of this shed is perfectly proportioned to store yard and pool toys, seasonal lawn furniture and cushions, and other costly items that should not be stored outdoors during the off-season.

This storage unit is equipped with built-in waterproof, plastic flooring and a ramp that allows you to use a wheelbarrow or dolly to roll in heavy items, such as bags of garden soil or compost. The floor can support as much as 1300 pounds.

This storage unit provides 92 cubic feet of storage capacity to keep your valuable items safe and dry. It is made of heavy-duty polyethylene panels that snap together in just a few minutes without tools. The panels are double-walled for superior insulation qualities and strength. The lid is slanted to deflect rain and snow.

With the sliding lid, you can get quick access to smaller items that can be lifted out. To store and access larger items, use the capacious side doors. When you open all the doors and slide back the lid, you can walk in and access any item in the unit with great ease.

One of the nicest things about this shed option is that it is so good looking and so compact that it can be used indoors or outdoors. It makes an attractive addition to a playroom or a space-saving storage option inside a garage.

The Rubbermaid 7X7 Outdoor Storage Shed

This generously sized outbuilding has a storage capacity of 325 cubic feet. It features convenient double-doors and heavy-duty, impact-resistant flooring. The Rubbermaid 7 X 7 Shed is an excellent, affordable choice in a walk-in/drive-in outbuilding.

If you have a collection of larger lawn care items, such as a riding mower and other motorized equipment that you may need to service in a sheltered area, you will naturally want a large, walk-in/drive-in shed with plenty of floor space where you can keep your bulky equipment, set up shelves for toolboxes, oil, and other service materials, and even attach hooks to hold your miscellaneous garden tools.

This visually pleasing shed will be a welcome addition to your exterior decor. It looks great, and it gives you an excellent solution for clutter caused by scattered lawn care equipment, snow shovels, and other seasonal yard supplies. It’s also a great place to safely store your riding mower and bikes.

You won’t lack storage space with this oversized selection. Anchors in the walls make it possible to add a wide variety of accessories such as hooks, racks, and shelves for specialized storage.

Once in place, you can count on this shed to keep all your valuables safe and dry. The sturdy, double-wall construction helps prevent condensation and keeps the temperature steady. Skylights made of unbreakable polycarbonate provide interior light to help prevent mold and mildew and improve daytime visibility. The strong double-doors are equipped with a hasp that you can secure with your own padlock.

Unlike metal storage or wood storage, you never need to worry about maintenance with your Rubbermaid 7×7 shed. Just an occasional quick spray and scrub will keep the exterior looking fresh and new for years. You’ll never need to paint it or replace rotted or rusted components.

While it is a generously sized pre-fab outbuilding, this shed is very easy to put together. It takes at least two people, but it is light work and many purchasers report quick assembly when prep work (foundation, window installation, etc.) is done in advance.

One thing you must be sure of is a solid, level foundation. If you do not take care of this detail, you may find yourself halfway through construction only to discover that some components simply will not fit together properly.

Instructions that come with this model are very clear, and there are numerous helpful videos online that can walk you through the assembly process.

The Rubbermaid Plastic Outdoor Vertical Shed

The vertical shed option provides 17 cubic feet of storage space. Just like its larger counterparts, this compact unit features double-wall construction and an impact-resistant, heavy-duty, deluxe floor. Double doors provide full access to the interior of the unit.

This model is easy to put together on your own or with a friend. It consists of eight sections that can be assembled using standard household tools.

It is designed to fit into small spaces and provide you with a perfect “closet” for your long-handled tools, such as rakes, hoes, and shovels. It is also equipped with grooves in the walls that make it easy to add your own wooden shelving for smaller items.

Add 1-5 shelves to meet your storage needs. Vary the width of the shelves to accommodate your items. If you install narrower shelves, you will also have plenty of room to stand your tall tools in front of the shelves or to the sides.

This storage unit has double doors that are equipped with a hasp so that you can lock up for security.

Rubbermaid Storage Buildings Are Easy to Assemble

When you make the decision to purchase one of these high-quality sheds, you can very realistically expect to make your purchase, assemble your product, and stash your stuff in the span of one day. Assembly is instinctive and excellent instructions are included.

Tips for Easy Assembly

  1. Get help. Even though most models can be constructed by one person, it is always helpful to have a second pair of hands. It’s more fun, too!
  2. Lay out your tools in advance. If you are assembling one of the larger sheds, you will need a basic assortment of tools such as:
  • Tape Measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Level
  • Power Drill

You’ll also need a fairly tall (6’) stepladder to install the roof on the largest model.

  1. Select and prepare your site carefully. You will need a level surface that is free of rocks and other imperfections. Even though your shed will have its own built-in floor, you will get better results if you prepare a level foundation by digging out the entire area by three or four inches and filling it in with some coarse gravel. Level this off nicely. This smooth foundation will enable you to line up all the components of your shed successfully. It will also provide good drainage on an ongoing basis.
  2. Inventory your parts. Before you begin, take all the parts out of the box and check them off with the enclosed inventory sheet. If there is a part missing or damaged, call Rubbermaid right away to obtain a replacement.
  3. Organize the parts. Read through the instructions and line up all the parts in the order in which you will need them. This will save you time and confusion.
  4. Take your time. Although the instructions on some storage units say that you can assemble the product in less than an hour, don’t let that pressure you. Set aside a day for your project. Take your time to be sure you are putting the parts together correctly and securely.
  5. Mind the weather! Don’t try to assemble a pre-fab shed on a windy, rainy, or snowy day. Likewise, avoid working in freezing cold or excessive heat. If you pursue this project in adverse conditions, it is bound to turn out badly. Additionally, you will have a very unpleasant experience, and you will remember it every time you look at your garden shed! When this is the case, you will never be happy with your purchase.

Rubbermaid Sheds Are Sure to Please

Designers at Rubbermaid have done their best to make assembly intuitive. This means you should be able to simply look at the parts laid out before you and have a good idea of how to put them together. Even so, you should also follow the clear, simple instructions that come with each model.

Additionally, many people have found it helpful to consult online videos to see the actual construction of these handy garden storage buildings. There are videos posted by individuals and by Rubbermaid available for viewing.

All are very helpful in providing a clear picture of the actual process of garden shed assembly.

Tips about Choosing the Right Plastic Storage Sheds from starshaper

When you plan your purchase, prepare for your installation, and take your time, assembling a Rubbermaid garden shed can be a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Upon completion, you will have a nice looking, practical, functional addition to your outdoor living space and a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

High quality and affordability go hand in hand with all Rubbermaid products. Although you might find a less expensive plastic or resin shed during your search, you will not find one that provides better value than products from Rubbermaid.

Rugged dual wall construction means you can count on your purchase to withstand the elements and add value and visual appeal to your property for years to come.